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Built for everyone

Now you can create own professional looks website simply and fast without knowledge of any programming language

Modern responsive design

Your site will function beautifully on any device!

Tags & functions

Wapka support lots of custom commands and pseudotags also html, css, JavaScript, xml & JSON

control panel

New Advanced control panel

When you create a site, you get access to a robust suite of powerful tools and components to help you build your site quickly and easily.

Basic Function

In this section you will get most commonly used functions

Advanced Function

To give you full controle over your site we add this section

Content Manager

From here you will be able to manage everying on your site!

Dynamic Tags

For dynamic site you will be able to use lots of tags & functions


Best pricing for everyone

$ 0 /mo
  • 30GB Cloud Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 100MB Maximum File Size
  • Show Ads on site
$ 5 /mo
  • 100GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 200MB Maximum File Size
  • No ads on site
$ 15 /mo
  • 400GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 300MB Maximum File Size
  • Unlimited Web Page
  • No ads on Site
$ 30 /mo
  • 1000GB Cloud Storage
  • 300MB Maximum File Size
  • Unlimited Every Thing
  • Custom download link
  • Premium Themes
What is wapka?

Wapka is a platform which provides free service for users to create websites.

What can I do with wapka?

You will be able to build any kind of website you want!

Can I use it without learning anything?

Yes. You can use pre-build themes for starting

Is Wapka free?

Wapka is completely free we won't charge you for anything.

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Easy to use. No annoying ads. Huge Disk space. Support Custom domain. SSL for all site. Lots of Pre-build themes.

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